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CEO Message

Becoming the sun brightening the path of global investment

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DB Asset Management, a member of the DB Financial Network,
intends to become the best long term asset management company
in Korea by safely and transparently managing the precious assets
of clients.

Our performance is not simply about higher return. We think it should come via
a consistent and stable long-term track record through the collaboration of the
best investment specialists working within the framework of our investment
philosophy and principles.

To achieve our stated goals, we undertake rigorous fundamental research whilst
staying agile to the markets through efficient teamwork and procedures.

And We manage our client’s wealth with loyalty and transparency through strict
internal compliance processes and pro-active risk managegment.

I deeply thank all of you for your support, and I promise that DB Asset Management
will continue to do its utmost to fulfill your wishes.

Thank you.

CEOOh Jae-hwan